JumpCrew. messaging & Identity.

The easiest way to acquire, engage, and retain customers.


JumpCrew is a young, B2B sales and marketing organization that was having some trouble communicating their message and services in a way that was fast and clear.

Services: Art, Copy, Creative Direction, Development


I took the “blobby” look from their website and collateral and updated it to feel more fresh while giving their designs more cohesiveness and flexibility on the available colors and layouts.

I also wanted to clarify what JumpCrew does. There’s been confusion there in the past so I felt updating some key copy and adding a messaging hierarchy could cut through the confusion.

For example, changing their main headline from: “Outsourced sales and marketing. JumpCrew helps B2B companies get more customers by using integrated sales and marketing—backed by data. Powered by technology. Based in Nashville, TN.”

To the shorter, clearer, more benefit-driven:
The easiest way to acquire, engage, and retain customers.

I also explored how this design could translate to the identity of their annual conference, JumpCon.