switcher campaigns.

Two campaign strategies and concepts for Spotify. The goal is to get more people to switch from their existing service to Spotify.

Concept one

Switching from one music streaming provider to another is a hassle.

We want to take advantage of powerful life events—like starting a new job—and use those events to change someone’s routine. This idea encourages listeners to find inspiration and to use Spotify as a playlist for their life, not just their music.

Services: Art, Copy, Creative Direction.

We’ll create SEO-driven landing pages, blog posts, and content that pushes the idea that music at work is a good thing that increases productivity and employee morale. We can show stats and figures that tie to a corporate discount or employer-provided plans.

For the employee that may have an “unenlightened” employer, we’ll offer free accounts with tips on finding inspiration.

concept two

The primary way to listen to Apple Music is still through the iTunes interface.

Many people don’t have fond memories of iTunes but forget that they still use it every day if they’re an Apple Music subscriber. What if we made a bunch of SEO-driven blog articles, content, and social posts reminding people about how bad it used to be and helping them realize that they’re still using that same platform if they’re using Apple Music.

Spotify gets to have a little fun with our main competitor while highlighting some weaknesses of Apple Music. This also helps highlight a big benefit of Spotify—a proper web player.

*Apple discontinued iTunes shortly after this pitch.