I’m a copywriter and creative director working with people just like you. I help brands find their truth and put it out into the universe.

Things people ask


No. I was here first. If anything, Twilight took inspiration from me.

No. I always try and convince hotel employees that I am when traveling though.

Again, to any family members reading this, I’m not your IT guy. Yes, I do own a computer and build really rad things with it. Yes, I work. No, I’m not sure why your router isn’t giving you the speeds Comcast promised. Please visit here instead: 

And good luck with that.

My specialty is copywriting, creative direction, and creative strategy.

I’m also a front-end developer and digital designer. I help brands uncover their truth, and tell their story through a variety of channels. Basically I have you covered from ads, to websites, all the way to big, complex campaigns—and everything in between.

My greatest strength is finding the human things about a brand–the things people can connect with.

I know the thing that makes someone look at a brand, doesn’t always make someone care. I know that people don’t normally buy things because of a logically sound argument. I know that the offer and mandatory copy points are important, but so are things like beauty, rhythm, and harmony—even when we’re just writing words.

Drop me a line. Let’s talk more.

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