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Alexa, what does Coco Noir sound like?
OBSERVATION: As a brand, Chanel already employs beautiful music collaborations and cinematic stories to help shape their image and give context to the brand (Example: ). Being a platform based around sound and interactivity, Alexa is the perfect stage to lean even further into the idea of giving context to Chanel with sound and story.
INSIGHT: People can lose themselves in music; they feel not only the beat but the essence and the meaning behind the sound. Not only that, people identify themselves with the audio of their choice, and they make playlists to reflect the way they want to feel for everything from working out to making out. Just think about the last time someone got in your car and your guilty pleasure started playing at 11 on repeat; it's an embarrassing moment because you feel like a vail has been lifted on your psyche—that is until you get some affirmation that the other person shares your love for the song.  Somehow that moment is deeply personal and communal all at the same time. Fragrance is also a deeply personal choice but somehow communal since it lifts the vale and tells something about you to everyone around.
IDEA: What if you could hear a fragrance and what would it sound like if you could? What if your fragrance said as much about you and told as captivating of a story as your favorite playlist? Just ask Alexa: "What does Coco Noir sound like?"
The aim here is to add context to each of Chanel's fragrances and create a synesthesia inducing moment as you hear a selection of music, ambient sounds, and stories that allow you to experience the essence of individual Chanel fragrances. It's surprising and delighting because no one would ever ask what a fragrance sounds like. The stipulation here is that the content has to be carefully curated, moving, and totally on point to the fragrance. This could also be a great opportunity to collaborate with an artist to help capture the essence in the content. 
Maybe we could also tap into existing home automations that might happen to be hooked up to Alexa to make the whole experience seem more spatial and encompassing. For example: In addition to learning what Coco Noir sounds like, maybe the lights near you could dim or change colors to a darker hue.