Spotify. Discover more.

Spotify. discover more. Spotify is THE platform for music discovery—there is no match. Insight Music discovery is powerful because the right music at the right time can drive inspiration, innovation, and change. Music IS discovery. Discover More with Spotify. Services: Art | Copy | Creative Direction idea What if we went beyond the hashtags by […]

beautyblender. Shade Finder.

beautyblender. Shade Finder. Beautyblender needed an online shade finder to remain competitive and push their line of foundations. approach Foundation should feel light and breathable. I thought the shade finder interface should feel that way too—especially since it may be an early touchpoint,  Services: Art | Copy | Creative Direction | Development Execution Beautyblender’s […]

Western Union. Important messages.

western union. important messages. Western Union started in 1851 with telegrams. Their tenure leads some to believe they’re an old, stuffy brand. Insight Heritage is an important concept to a large portion of the IMT base. It’s a challenge to live in the present while staying true to your roots.  idea We wanted to connect […]

JumpCon 2019. Brand & event.

JumpCon 2019. Brand & event. The digital sales transformation summit hosted by JumpCrew. Project In October of 2019, JumpCrew hosted their first-ever conference, JumpCon. I was in charge of leading the creative team to discover the JumpCon brand and identity, event signage, messaging and designs, and marketing support that included building websites and landing pages, […]

Spotify. Switcher Campaigns.

Spotify.switcher campaigns. Two campaign strategies and concepts for Spotify. The goal is to get more people to switch from their existing service to Spotify. Concept one Switching from one music streaming provider to another is a hassle. We want to take advantage of powerful life events—like starting a new job—and use those events to change someone’s routine. This […]

JumpCrew. Messaging & Identity.

JumpCrew. messaging & Identity. The easiest way to acquire, engage, and retain customers. project JumpCrew is a young, B2B sales and marketing organization that was having some trouble communicating their message and services in a way that was fast and clear. Services: Art, Copy, Creative Direction, Development execution I took the “blobby” look from their […]

Rebellious. Brand & Messaging.

Rebellious. Brand & messaging. The world may not be ready for you. That’s the world’s problem. idea Rebellious is a creative agency that specializes in advertising and creative services. They don’t care much for tradition and they hate boring. With that in mind, I developed a very irreverent brand and focused the tone around people […]

Maplocator+. Doors Ad.

Maplocator+.Doors Ad. Is your door open? Insight This is a video ad for MapLocator+, an online platform for managing business listings and customer reviews. The challenge was a shoestring budget and timeline. I only had stock footage to work with due to the production budget. I decided to use this as an opportunity to see […]