beautyblender. Shade Finder.

beautyblender. Shade Finder. Beautyblender needed an online shade finder to remain competitive and push their line of foundations. approach Foundation should feel light and breathable. I thought the shade finder interface should feel that way too—especially since it may be an early touchpoint,  Services: Art | Copy | Creative Direction | Development Execution Beautyblender’s […]

JumpCon 2019. Brand & event.

JumpCon 2019. Brand & event. The digital sales transformation summit hosted by JumpCrew. Project In October of 2019, JumpCrew hosted their first-ever conference, JumpCon. I was in charge of leading the creative team to discover the JumpCon brand and identity, event signage, messaging and designs, and marketing support that included building websites and landing pages, […]

JumpCrew. Messaging & Identity.

JumpCrew. messaging & Identity. The easiest way to acquire, engage, and retain customers. project JumpCrew is a young, B2B sales and marketing organization that was having some trouble communicating their message and services in a way that was fast and clear. Services: Art, Copy, Creative Direction, Development execution I took the “blobby” look from their […]

Rebellious. Brand & Messaging.

Rebellious. Brand & messaging. The world may not be ready for you. That’s the world’s problem. idea Rebellious is a creative agency that specializes in advertising and creative services. They don’t care much for tradition and they hate boring. With that in mind, I developed a very irreverent brand and focused the tone around people […]